Memphis Beat Review: "Troubled Water"

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Both Dwight and Lt. Rice navigated strained relationships in "Troubled Water."

This week's episode marked the first appearance of the latter's mother, as we knew Lt. Rice and her daughter were estranged. But rarely have we seen or heard much about Tanya's mom.

Lt. Rice and Her Mom

Funny thing is, both Tanya and her mother share a very stubborn personality, and it wasn't hard to see Lt. Rice - when she gets to be her mother's age - acting and responding in a very similar manner.

Other moments I enjoyed? Whitehead on the phone with the elder Rice. I'm not sure where this playful conflict between these two is going, but it seems that White is becoming more and more a vehicle for self-reflection and motivation each week.

Moreover, the two are more alike than they care to admit. They certainly provide much appreciated comic relief.

On the other hand, we got to see more of Dwight's nostalgic side when he recounted what led to the strain on his relationship with childhood friend, Jimmy. It was appropriate that Dwight had a band, Banjo Jamison, with his buddy, which explains where Dwight developed his showmanship skills.

This wasn't the most emotional episode we've seen from the show. It definitely felt like a filler compared to last week's powerhouse installment.

I felt bad for Dwight, having gotten caught up enough in the nostalgia of it all to have been fooled into believing Jimmy's lies about his involvement in the robberies... yet it came across like a familiar plot. They can't all be winners.

Troubled Water Review

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