Rescue Me Review: Four Women and a Physical

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Poor Tommy. For a top dog firefighter who regularly commands a brash bravado of sex, daring, and alpha machismo, he just can't get any respect.

He tried to grab the reins of his estrogen-filled apartment and horribly failed. Would there really have been any other outcome anyway? The wildly obnoxious and emotionally dangerous four women held the sisterhood of the controlling pants. Don't ever get between a woman and her chocolate (and feminine products, of course.)

Denis Leary and Maura Tierney

If that wasn't enough on his plate, (and I certainly grew tired of the whining, crying, overly sensitive group of cycling women), Tommy's disapproval of Shawn and Colleen's engagement was completely ignored. Did Shawn really give Tommy the metaphorical middle finger?

Where has Tommy's mojo gone? Maybe his time as the youthful hero is coming to a close.

His conversation with Kelly about legacy certainly made him think about himself. What's great about her character and her scenes with Tommy are that there's no BS here.

She's forward, direct, and doesn't deal with drama. It's not only new for Tommy, but a strong departure from the likes of Sheila and Janet. Kelly gives Tommy real material and time to ponder important questions. Additionally, he doesn't find himself blowing up and ignoring her statements.

The discussion of legacy allowed him to think about his family. For a man mostly concerned with himself, it was nice to see him recognize his children first.

Sure, Connor died, Colleen's an alcoholic, Katie often acts distant, Wyatt is his brother's son, and there is a new baby on the way waiting to find its niche problem. Still, despite all of the difficulties and struggles with his own children, he still cares about them. They are his legacy. Maybe it will force him to make a complete change for the better.

It brought up a great point about how people want to be remembered and perfectly tied in with the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Tommy doesn't want men, like his cousin, who died on that day, to be defaced or a part of something that dishonors them. He would fight tooth and nail to do so.

Elsewhere, Sean peeing in multiple cups was funny enough, but it was Mike's discussion with the doctor about his chronic masturbation and latent homosexuality that took the hilarious cake. I mean, Lou's chronic masturbation, obviously. After all, who better to fake your mental health exam than Mike?

Chief Feinberg should really be the one getting a physical, especially with his more obvious loss of memory. He's been forgetting a lot lately, but hopefully it won't be the cause of someone's job in the future.

In the end, while nothing brand new pushed the storyline forward, "Menses" did manage to reveal that a lot has changed for the characters of Rescue Me.

Time doesn't stop for anyone and the days of the frat house antics seem to be dwindling for the firehouse. Will it mean growing up? Maybe, but at least the crew of Truck 62 haven't lost their zeal for putting out fires or being highly entertaining every week.

Menses Review

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