Royal Pains Review: "The Shaw/Hank Redemption"

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From Evan and Hank meeting their estranged grandfather, to the birth of Marissa and Boris' son to the shocking last minute car crash Jill was involved in, this week's Royal Palins delivered the unexpected. Lives certainly changed in "The Shaw/Hank Redemption."

It didn't surprise me one bit that Eddie R. managed to get himself into some kind of alternative situation to serve out his sentence. I'm more taken aback that he didn't take Boris up on his offer to disappear, which would explain Eddie's offbeat behavior, such as the failure to mention parole or his change in circumstances to his boys.

The Return of Eddie

Eddie's relationship with Shaw was a sticking point for me in the believability department. That is, until it was explained that Shaw reminded him of himself when he was younger.

The lead poisoning diagnoses for Shaw was an interesting choice. I say that because this was the first episode in a while in which we have seen Hank enter McGyver mode to save a patient.

Much of Shaw's care took place in a medical facility, precluding the use of Hank's knack for using his medical imagination. It wasn't a particularly disappointing reality, just an observation. I just want to know if Shaw drowned out there or if it's something that will be revisited next week.

I also didn't see that the old man sponsoring Eddie was literally his old man. Having three generations of Lawsons on the show could make for some interesting family dynamics, especially since he's loaded, which Hank and Evan certainly weren't during their childhood. I can't wait to see how this all plays into each character's development.

This episode was particularly good for Divya, given that HankMed was left in her care. While she was slow to start in the confidence department, she swiftly took control when it came to delivering and caring for the newborn Von Jurgen-Ratenicz.

Which reminds me: we don't have a name yet. I wonder if this is because the newborn will become another in a long line of Boris Von-Jurgens Rateniczs? I have a hard time believing that Marissa won't have something to say to that.

Then there's the whole business of Evan announcing his intent to propose to Paige. I know that Paige still has a medical secret she's refused to share, but with that information still closely guarded, is it a good idea for Evan to move ahead with his plans? I think not. Evan has all the time in the world and I feel it's unlikely that Paige is going anywhere. I agree with Hank: I question Evan's security in the relationship, and until that's resolved, I think he should wait a while.

At this point, I can only express the alarming car crash in which Jill was involved in what had to be the last 30 seconds of the episode. Who hit her? How will Hank, being hundreds of miles away, handle the news? And what happened to the blood sample she was carrying? Is it gone forever? Unfortunately, I see no opportunity for the sample to have been saved.

I regrettably have no way to prove this, but I wonder what the chances are that the other car that hit Jill wasn't Paige? Royal Pains is too happy a show to go that dark, but what are the chances that maybe Paige's secret has to do with her sight?

Granted, we haven't had any previous indications that she has been having sight issues, but it would certainly make for some interesting conflict among characters and relationships. No doubt, many changes are ahead for our Hamptons crew.

The Shaw/Hank Redemption Review

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