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On Suits this week, Mike and Harvey had to learn the "Tricks of the Trade" in order to exonerate an employee at a prominent firm that had been accused of insider trading.

They weren't the only ones learning new tricks, either, as Rachel accepted help from Mike to prep for the LSATs and Jessica flexed her authoritative muscle to get Harvey and Louis on the same page.

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I found the outing to be fun and informative. A tough combo to pull off. Who knew you could learn so much about stock trading from a USA series? I'd actually consider that as a career path if I wasn't already set on becoming the next Jessica Pearson.

Perhaps if I had had two good looking, hot shot attorneys coming to my aid, even I would want to be accused of a crime. Uh-oh. I'm getting distracted here, aren't I?

The real focus of this episode, though, had to be Mike helping Rachel prep for the big exam. We all knew from the beginning that she had test-taking anxiety, despite her expert legal research knowledge. It shouldn't keep her from getting into law school, but I wasn't surprised that, in wanting it so badly, she would have considered having someone take it for her.

What I really wonder is how common this might actually be in real life?

The moment Rachel began hurling accusations at Mike about his motives in helping her bothered me. She came up with the exact opposite explanation than I would have. She found his efforts as a way to cover up that he had previously taken tests for people and even thought Mike wanted to do it for her.

He wanted nothing of the sort; he simply knew Rachel was more ready than she gave herself credit for, and wanted to help her believe it as much as he did. I really hope this doesn't become a permanent thing between them.

Besides, I think it's interesting that she chose to take issue not with Mike taking the LSATs for others, but with the fact he supposedly wanted to take it for her. That distinction is crucial, though she certainly didn't give him a chance to give her the full picture of just why he chose to use his gift in that way.

The slew of Top Gun references made this episode a really enjoyable one. Even Jessica got in on the action. She and Harvey can hold a reference-match as strong as Mike and Harvey can. I tip my hat to her genius.

But I withhold said tipping to Louis. My mind is still struggling to wrap itself around him. Jessica is a master at making people feel like an asset to the firm when they deserve it, but I have yet to understand why giving Louis props is necessary.

Part of me thinks that by doing so, Jessica avoids the possibility of Louis becoming any more disgruntled than he already is, finding a way to lash out in the form of stalking every move made by both Harvey and Mike until he discovers and exposes their secret.

It's obvious the fallout of a degree-less associate has consequences that reach not only directly to Harvey and Mike, but to Jessica and the rest of the firm as well. Keeping Louis busy and happy may be the small price paid for peace.

Other highlights:

  • Mike's impersonation of a D.O.J agent.
  • Louis's excitement over King Lear tickets.
  • Mike's reference to Mr. T and Rocky.
  • Harvey impersonating celebrities when he should be chewing with his mouth closed.
  • Gabi being cleared of insider trading charges.
  • Harvey threatening the head stock trader with a beat down.

This was a really enjoyable episode with plenty of potentially explosive repercussions. Another fun week in and out of the Suits boardroom for this critic.

Tricks of the Trade Review

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