The Big C Producer Previews Arrival of Hugh Dancy

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Look out, Paul Jamison. Your wife is about to engage in another affair. Sort of.

Hugh Dancy will debut on The Big C in two weeks, and producer Darlene Hunt says his character will form an instant bond with Laura Linney's Cathy.

Hugh Dancy on The Big C

“I’m personally very intrigued by the idea of emotional affairs and how you fall in love with someone because of a shared experience and what that looks like," Hunt told EW. "How will other people, namely Cathy’s husband, react to that? What does that really mean? We really wanted to play with this special bond with someone who really can say, ‘I know what you’re going through.’”

Indeed, Dancy's Lee will be a fellow cancer patient and will appear on nine episodes.

"He deals with his illness in a very different way and they have very different philosophies," Hunt teases.

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