The Nine Lives of Chloe King Review: "All Apologies"

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In spite of the fact that this episode was a little on the dull side, it worked because we finally got to understand what Chloe felt like as she took possession of her powers.

We've known it wasn't supposed to be all fun and games, but Alek and Jasmine at long last gave her some of the training she so badly needed, as the depth of what she had to learn finally came to light.

All Apologies Scene

Watching Chloe deal with her powers was a lot more fun than sitting through the disjointed episodes where Chloe was chased and unprotected. The writing was very poor in some of those. There was too much going on, a disappointing mixture of goofy teen angst and bad guys trying kill Chloe.

We know that the Order wants to kill Chloe, although we don't know why. But every episode can't be focused on that one issue, and that's why this was a bright spot. They chose a topic and stuck to it. Chloe training with Alek and Jasmine to better understand her powers worked on every level.

It also worked that Amy was feeling so left out. While Paul was upset that Chloe hadn't officially named her his sidekick, Amy was just missing her friend. Even though Amy knows what life Chloe has turned into, she still wishes things were the same with her pal.

Chloe eventually laid it on the line for Amy. She's not the same old Chloe, and if she won't accept her, they can't remain friends. Chloe had to remind Amy that the only reason she had been hanging around with Alek and Jasmine was to ensure she didn't die again.

I bet you weren't surprised when they were all best friends again in the end, weren you? After all, the episode was called "All Apologies."

Other things of note:

  • The picture in Rezzer's desk looked a lot like the woman from the Order he spoke with early in the episode. Are they one and the same? Sisters, maybe? He's definitely more wrapped up in the Mai than we know.
  • I am still really enjoying the addition of Alicia Coppola as Valentina. She is awesome, both as an actress and a character. She's definitely enhanced the cast and vision of the show.
  • I hope the friendship issue is settled, because that's another topic I don't want to come and go every episode any more than I want to see Chloe chased and in peril.
  • Chloe is an empath, a power nobody even expected she might have. This development helped push the characters down a new road.

I give this episode a four out of five cat eyes. I like the new direction they seem to be taking and the thought of uniting not only the Mai, but the Mai with humans. Now that Valentina knows Chloe will not abandon her humanity, maybe they will all get more involved and the program will take on some more expansive stories.

All Apologies Review

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