The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: It's About Darn Time!

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I don't think that "Cute" is really what I would have titled this episode. I enjoyed it, but I would've gone with a more appropriate title like "Finally" or "It's About Damn Time."

As in: it's about time we focused a little less on Ben and Adrian. Or it's about time we found out what Ashley was up to. How about: it's about time Amy showed a bitch that quiet, high school girls can throw down with the best of em'?!? Yes, I think I like that last description the best.

In the Hallway

Mama bear Amy has worked quite hard to get her family to a good place and she wasn't about to let some horny skank (her word, not mine) get in the way of that. And I agree! Ricky had a rough life, as we all know, and I can see why he'd choose the easier route of bowing out of a tough situation, even when there's an obvious injustice. Luckily, Amy saw that what Ricky really needed was for someone to stand up.

In the end, Ricky and Amy triumphed, Ricky got into school, and Karlee got fired. Clearly, that college wasn't screening too well during its hiring process. Ricky may have called Amy "cute" for getting all fired up, but I'd imagine he was really just in awe that someone would go out on a limb for him.

Personally, I'm in awe with Grace's ability to keep luring in these great guys. Sure, Jack might've been immature in the past, but both Grant and Daniel show a serious level of maturity for a teenage boy. Grace is beautiful and all, but sometimes she can be a little bratty. Then again, if I had a 9 p.m. curfew in high school (what a joke) I would probably have been about nine times as bratty as she is. Seriously, Kathleen, don't you know that the more strict you are with your kids, the more they rebel?

I know Adrian can be intimidating, but Grace needs to stand up for herself. She shouldn't get involved in other people's drama and spill things to Ben, but Adrian pushes her around a little too much. Plus, someone needs to tell Adrian to just chill with the whole "accidental knock-up to keep your guy" thing. Oh, honey, no. Never the answer. Wasn't the answer last week and won't be the answer next week.

Making Ben jealous? Okay, I can get on board with that. Nothing drive's a guy crazier then showing him you're not dwelling on him and that you have other options! Normally i would say to NEVER apply this rule within a marriage, but their marriage a joke at this point.

Elsewhere, we saw some Ashley - who is truly a waste of screen time - some of George and Anne acting pretty adorable, and a great storyline with Norah. I think Norah is a fantastic, spunky, and honest character. Her plight with her past addictions is always engaging and realistic. Writers, keep her around please!

Next week, prom!!!

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