True Blood Round Table: "I'm Alive and I'm On Fire"

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Welcome to the most recent installment of the True Blood Round Table.

In this edition, Editor-in-Chief Matt Richenthal goes back and forth with staff members Eric Hochberger and Carissa Pavlica as they analyze issues from "I'm Alive and I'm On Fire," an episode that gave us another example of Marnie's powers...


What was your favorite scene?
Matt: Sookie's back and forth with a stubborn, drink, wet Eric, while he was arguing with a growling Alcide, was likely the most humorous scene in series history. Forget the eye candy involved. It was a desert for my funny bone

Eric: That's easy: Jason escaping from Hotshot. Because it means we won't be seeing any of those cross-bred freaks again. Or at least I pray that's the case.

Carissa: The scene where Eric was essentially playing tag with Sookie. Rarely can an actor pull off menacing and childlike behavior as easily as Alex Skaarsgard.

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Should Jason go for Jessica?
Matt: No way. Think of how boring their couple's nickname would be. Jessica? Jason? There's no Brangelina potential here at all.

Eric: Yes, but with an asterisk. If Jessica truly can't resist her blood sucking urges, is it better for her to feed on a stranger and erase Hoyt's memory every week? Or be honest about her problem and use Jason purely for what his body has to offer. No, not that ab-tastic stomach. The blood running through his veins.

Carissa: No. No way. Go directly to jail, do not stop. Do not collect $200, Jason. Just... NO.

Is Debbie really cool with Alcide assisting Sookie?
Matt: Oh, absolutely. The same way Sookie will forever be able to resist Eric's charms.

Eric: She's a woman. So I'm gonna say no.

Carissa: Debbie is not cool with anything. Experience makes it clear to me: people don't change. Especially if the person is a junkie werewolf with an identity crisis.

Is Marnie really possessed by another witch?
Matt: I think so. But that just raises many more questions: why does that witch have a problem with vampires? What's the history here? Why did she choose Marnie? And how dare she mess with Pam?!?

Eric: No chance. That's the oldest excuse in the book for a wiccan who suddenly discovers she can bring the dead back to life.

Carissa: Yes. But it doesn't make the story any more interesting. Hate it, hate the wiccans. Boring story, unreliable characters. Burn!

More surprising: Luna has a daughter, Tommy's mother turned on him or the screen didn't explode when both Eric and Alcide were naked in the same scene together?
Matt: Luna having a daughter. I was shocked. We've known her for like 10 minutes and yet I still didn't see the child coming!

Eric: I like to pretend that neither Sam nor Tommy exists, so let's go with the dueling Eric and Alcide nudity. The TV screen remaining stable wasn't shocking, but how is the Internet still around? If that can't bring Twitter down, nothing will.

Carissa: None were particularly surprising. I'm used to nudity by now, but I am happy that at least one show realizes how important it is for the woman of this world to have the opportunity to ogle the naked male form.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.

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