Warehouse 13 Season Premiere Review: Welcome, Steve Jinks

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I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Agent Steve Jinks and what that would mean to the rather established surrogate family we’ve come to know over the past two seasons on Warehouse 13.

Especially because he was, essentially, replacing Myka.

Pete and New Partner

But when it all came to a close, I was happy with how everything was handled. Granted, it might also have been because Joanne Kelly was including in the opening title card. Not exactly the best way to keep viewers guessing.

Getting back to Jinks, I have to applaud Warehouse 13. It was the right time to add some new blood to the mix, and Steve is the perfect candidate for the job. It fee;s like he's been around since the beginning. Aaron Ashmore stepped in perfectly to the role.

Steve served a few purposes in this episode. He gave new viewers a great jumping off point, as we were reintroduced to the show and what it’s about. He also gave a voice to the audience, stating many of our opinions and thoughts on the current scene.

I’m not sure how his power will be used (or misused) in the future. Let's hope it’s kept mainly to the cases and left more or less alone with our merry band of agents. At the same time, though, the fact that he can tell when someone is lying feels like it could take away from some of the investigations.

I’m so very glad Myka is back, however. I’ve been wondering for almost a year just how she was going to be resolved. And while I’m not sure I entirely agree with how she re-entered the picture, I do agree with H.G. Wells: just because Myka’s job was sometimes not the greatest thing in the world, causing her to harbor some feelings she didn’t entirely like, that doesn’t mean she needs to let that dominate her life.

This fear only made her stray from the things she was good at: her job, making the world a better place. Not tiny potatoes by a long shot.

That brings us to Claudia and Artie. I’m happy to report the things that I love so much about them are still very much intact. I was curious to see how much would shift with this surrogate father/daughter. While there is a much greater respect between the two of them, there’s still plenty of bantering and a dry sense of humor, as well.

There really isn’t anything that I didn’t enjoy about "The New Guy." I felt the Myka resolution could have been a little smoother, but there are still emotions and relationships that can be mined and explored from it. Isn't it nice that we hang out in our favorite Warehouse again?

The New Guy Review

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Warehouse 13 Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

You know, it feels a little like my old dog just got sent to the farm and you guys are already shoving a new puppy down my throat.


Claudia: Hey Pete, that girl is really grateful to you.
Pete: Uh Huh
Claudia: And cold really, really cold. We could see how cold she was.
Pete: I gave her my jacket.