Weeds Review: A Growing Problem

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It was a busy, forward-moving, funny week on Weeds, as "A Hole In Her Niqab" introduced viewers to the season's main guest stars.

But it also highlighted a problem I have with the series: the storytelling is anything but organic. Yes, there are humorous lines and, yes, the characters are entertaining. There's just no slow, and most of the arcs are predicated on random, dumb luck.

Aidan Quinn on Weeds

Nancy happens to see a drug dealer on the street? And it's the same drug dealer who supplies the building at which she works? And the CEO just happens to crush on Nancy and be into marijuana?

It's all very convenient.

The same goes for Andy. That guy cracks me up, but it's a bit of a stretch for him to constantly get involved in utterly unrealistic, ridiculous romantic entanglements. Still, I laughed pretty hard when he found that husband's sock.

I'm also happy to see Aidan Quinn and, especially, Martin Short on board. Both are strong, fun actors. This is the second consecutive guest-starring role for Short as an attorney, following his Emmy-nominated work on Damages, but I have a feeling his character here will be a bit quirkier than his straight-laced lawyer on that Glenn Close-anchored drama.

Look for Short to get involved in Nancy's custody battle with Jill and for me to crack up every time he wants to hear gory details as payment.

Seven seasons in, Weeds is what it is - and that's still an entertaining series with great performances all around. I can accept some easy, lazy storytelling as long as it makes me laugh. It does take away from Nancy as a character a bit, though, doesn't it?

How resourceful is she, really, when everything just falls so easily in to place no matter where she goes?

A Hole In Her Niqab Review

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