White Collar Review: Robin Hoodie vs. James Bonds

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Poor Neal.

He may have managed to convince a con to turn himself in and stop running on "Scott Free," but he learned even the best laid plans are frought with difficulty and disaster, not the least of which was Sara's uncovering his Victor Moreau passport in the hollowed out wall behind a portrait.

Hutch Dano on White Collar

The deeper we delve into this season, the more contradictions in Neal's rationality we uncover. He does well in convincing others that it's not worth it to run. Simultaneously, though, we watch as his and Mozzie's plans to escape become more sophisticated and deceitful.

Sara has already begun to put the pieces together, and Peter and the Feds are already on high alert for movement of the U-Boat treasure.

I have to say that Scott deciding to turn himself in was a little too Leave it to Beaver for me. Neal admitted that he would never do it, so why would the writers have this even an option? Neal managed to convince this kid that hitting rock bottom was only a g-man away, but he divulged that he had never been that low himself. Did Neal's hubris get in the way, or was Neal masking some actual wounds?

Meanwhile, I loved the the "Robin Hoodie" monacre they attached to Scott. It just forces me to ask, which is better: "Robin Hoodie" or "James Bonds"?

The former is more youthful and modern with it's reference to hoodies, which Neal would never be caught dead donning on a con. It also screams young, which is not to be confused with inexperienced or ignorant. He has some seriously unrivaled tech skills that some would kill to have.

But "James Bonds" is synonymous with style, sophistication, creativity and class. It immediately calls on the coolness we've all come to be in awe of. A tough choice, indeed.

Receiving His Assignment

Unfortunately, while funny, "Robin Hoodie" never stood a chance.

Maybe that's why Neal's the best conman out there. James Bond has never shied away from repeat performances (how many 007 movies are out there? 22 and counting?). No wonder Neal continues to plan and execute con after con.

What will Sara do now that she's seen his passport. Will she shrug it off? Confront him? Or maybe even take the info to Peter? Could she break it off with Neal as a result?

My money's on Sara sitting on the info and inching her way into the subject with Neal. Or maybe even just gathering clues until she figures the whole thing out in her own. Either way, it doesn't look good for this couple.

I was a little disappointed at the underuse of Twin Peaks star Dana Ashbrook. Seeing him as a bad guy getting taken advantage of in the last 10 minutes was a gross misuse of iconic talent.

In light of this misstep, here are some highlights from the episode that readily redeems this talented crew:

  • Peter and Elizabeth's fist bump. Can't get enough of the glimpses into their marriage and partnership.
  • Sara getting in on a con. It's been a long time coming.
  • The build up to what will no doubt be Neal's rock bottom. We're getting there, readers. Just how hard will he fall?

One thing's for sure, like an FBI ankle monitor, I'll be here to track Neal's progress. What did you think of this week's episode? Did Scott get off too easy? Were you hoping to see him again?

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White Collar Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Neal: You need to hit rock bottom before you can change
Peter: When did you hit rock bottom
Neal: Never said I did...

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