Carrie Preston Exclusive: True Blood Star Teases Mysterious Figure, Convergence of Storylines

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There's no longer a question over whether or not Sookie and Eric will have sex on True Blood. That act took place on last Sunday's "I Wish I Was the Moon."

But there is a pressing issue stemming from that episode: Who the heck was that person standing on the lawn outside of Arlene and Terry's burned-down house? The one, seemingly, seen by only their (possessed?) baby?

"That's not the last that we'll see of her," Carrie Preston teased to me today. "And it will affect other storylines, as well. From there, the show goes to an interesting place it hasn't gone to before."

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That's all Preston would reveal, but it should be enough to keep viewers guessing and wondering over the next few weeks.

Overall, Arlene has stepped into the spotlight more than ever this season. She labels the baby arc as "very exciting and fun," although it "presents challenges." Such as?

There's often someone with a squeaky toy standing behind the camera.

"Acting with a baby is not something that comes naturally," Preston said. "They're really good babies, but they're babies nonetheless."

While she mostly knew all along where things were headed ("The writers don't keep us in the dark."), Preston enjoys this storyline because it keeps the audience guessing.

"They aren't sure if it's Arlene being her histrionic self, or if there's something really wrong with the child."

It sounds like we'll find out soon enough, however.

True Blood airs a new episode on Sunday. Check out the official trailer for it NOW.

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