Combat Hospital Review: "On the Brink"

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Combat Hospital asked some very difficult questions in "On the Brink" and I found that I had the answers to none of them.

When Bobby made the call to treat the severely burned woman, I was a little confused by Will's reaction. Why would he be upset with Bobby for trying to save a patient's life?

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The distinction of 45% or 50% of a body being burned was a judgement call which meant the difference between months of agonizing treatments or letting the patient die with the least amount of pain possible.

Knowing the woman's daughter was lying one bed over, I couldn't blame Bobby for trying everything possible. I also couldn't fault Will's fight to let her go. The thought of torturing someone with medical treatment for months when you honestly believe they will die anyway must be horrifying.

That said, the nursing staff's anger towards Bobby and Rebecca still shocked me. I understood that the workload was exhaustive and that they had their Commander's back but the attitude about caring for this patient just struck me as unprofessional.

I kept thinking how horrible it would have been if her daughter had overheard and understood that some of the staff didn't want to treat her mother, no matter how valid their concerns.

The other surprise was that Bobby appeared to believe that Col. Marks might send him home for his decision. That just seemed silly, unless he honestly made the call to treat this woman simply to hold the record, and I don't believe that was the case.  Bobby's uneasiness gave him the demeanor of a small child who had done something wrong.

On the flip side, we had Grace's patient, Pfc Mavers, who couldn't keep his hands off himself. Yup. Mavers couldn't stop masturbating and it had become such an issue it was going to get him sent home. 

All I could think was how someone should have told Klinger on M*A*S*H about that tactic. He could have forgone the dresses and silly stunts and gone home a much happier guy. Now that would have been a different story arc.

I loved how matter of fact Grace was about the whole thing. One of the best lines was when she found Mavers hiding in a stall in the Men's room:

Pedersen: Hands up cowboy and hold them up in the air where I can see them. | permalink

On an otherwise very serious episode, that quip made me smile.

It was nice to see Rebecca have Bobby's back on this one, but Marks was right. Isn't he always? Working together as a team with the nursing staff will achieve the best results for everyone.

I had to shake my head at Rebecca in the end. So she couldn't go to sleep when ordered because it was too much pressure, stemming back to her father ordering her to sleep? The girl definitely has issues. I wish someone would order me to get some zzzzs.

And she wasn't the only one thinking too much. When Susie apologized to Bobby in the shower, he couldn't stop asking questions. Man, the cute girl you're seeing wants to have sex with you in the shower. Why are you still talking?

On the Brink Review

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