Connor Paolo Leaving Gossip Girl For Revenge

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Gossip Girl's Connor Paolo (Eric) will be starring full-time on Revenge this fall. That means we've quite possibly seen the last of the actor on the Upper East Side.

Connor says his commitment to the new ABC thriller precludes him from returning to the CW series that he's played a secondary, but key role on for four years.

"Eric's going to college and he's going to stay there," the 21-year-old told reporters at the TCA press tour. "He doesn't come home for Christmas anymore."

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Fittingly, Revenge plays a major role on Gossip Girl.

Paolo has turned down series regular status on Gossip Girl in the past, opting to reprise the role of Eric on occasion and keep his options open going forward.

In Revenge, he's found an opportunity he's willing to commit full-time to.

"He's been trying to get out of the house for quite some time," Paolo says of Eric, whose exit has not been specifically planned out by Gossip Girl's producers.

"I'm not the one to ask," he says. "I guess the future is left in Josh [Safran] and Stephanie's [Savage] ample fingers. As of now, my schedule is dominated by Revenge."

"I don't know that Eric's coming back from Sarah Lawrence [College]. We'll see."

On Revenge, he'll play Declan Porter, one of few working-class, honest characters on the Emily VanCamp-led series loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo.

Here's hoping the show is a success and Connor comes into his own in a more expansive role. If it doesn't, hey, he can always call the Upper East Side home.

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