Covert Affairs Review: Movin' Out (Annie's Song)

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Unlike what I predicted last week, the Covert Affairs summer finale did NOT leave us with a cliffhanger. Instead, "World Leader Pretend" simply - and rightfully - shoved our sweet protagonist in a new direction.

Yes, Annie finally told her sister about the two-year old secret she had been keeping, but it was Danielle's reaction that was the most interesting development.

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I know we are supposed to side with Annie because she's the main character, but it was hard not to be with Danielle every step of the way as she packed up her sister's boxes. If you're keeping it a secret to protect your sister, then why are you telling her two years later?

You either never bring her into the fold or you tell her right away. Does Annie no longer care about protecting Danielle? Or was her entire reasoning for keeping the secret a lie?

Sure, Danielle sort of apologizing for blowing up earlier made for a nice sentimental moment between the sisters, but she really should have continued to be furious. In the end, though, she's smart in sticking with her decision to kick Annie out of the house. How on Earth is it safe to be living in the same home as a CIA agent? And with two young kids? It's time to move on, Annie.

It will be nice to see Annie out on her own. I just hope this won't mean she loses the relationship she has with Danielle and the children. The space is necessary in order to keep them all safe, but too much space will prevent many of the most satisfying moments on the series.

While Danielle finally finding out took up most of my emotional energy, the mission of the week expended the rest of it. Shen, the Chinese scientist that Annie helped defect to the U.S., was great throughout. Even as he was suffering through an 80% death needle to the shoulder, he took the time to wish Annie good luck with her sister. What a stand-up guy.

The mission also filled up the necessary action sequence quota for a finale, beginning with the suspenseful extraction. As Annie and Shen made their way through the hotel, the kitchen, the back halls, and into the van, I thought something terrible was going to go down at every step of the way. Fortunately, they made it out unscathed. Unfortunately, the soup they ate much earlier was what ended up killing Shen.

And to end the episode, we were witnesses to a fantastic foot race through Chinatown, which finished with an all-out fist fight between Annie and the Big Bad of the week. Kudos to Annie for continuing to grow as a physical threat out in the field, as demonstrated here by besting the dude all by her lonesome. 

The summer finale also included Joan shipping Jai off to Arizona, Auggie's friend turning him in to the State Department, and Arthur taking care of business with his fists before popping a few breath mints. What more could you ask for?

So, that does it for this summer of Covert Affairs. Annie, Auggie, and the gang will return this winter with all new episodes of this second season. Be sure to return to TV Fanatic, where we will continue to bring you all the news, previews, and reviews on Covert Affairs.

World Leader Pretend Review

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