In Plain Sight Season Finale Review: The Ones You Protect

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Everything blew up on the season finale of In Plain Sight. Whether the explosion was physical or emotional, in "Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up," nothing was safe.

Oh, poor Brandi. She was suffocating, and not just in the dress. The dress was perfect. The wedding was perfect. Problem was that Brandi's not perfect and she knew it. Brandi needed her sister but Mary had bigger issues.

Like getting shot at while eight months pregnant. But let's rewind a bit...

Brandi's Wedding Day
Mark was sleeping on Mary's couch and looking pretty darn cozy. He even took over wedding planning duties. How many guys would be willing to do that? Mary might want to keep her baby daddy around.

I loved Ronnie and didn't it figure that he'd find $20 in a bullet proof vest? He got under everybody's skin, including Marshall's and you don't get to see that too often. Between that and Delia's uber-perkiness, Marshall was delightfully flustered.

Oh, Marshall. It took one crucial moment for his true feelings to show through. Bullets flew and he threw himself on top of Mary. Was anyone else squealing in glee at that moment?

Yes, Mary is Marshall's partner. Yes, she's pregnant. And, yes, Abigail knew in that moment that she came in second, no matter how Marshall tried to justify it. That's a realization she won't soon forget.

The lockdown and firefight in the courthouse had the perfect intensity. That look Marshall gave Mary when he sent her away... he was as serious as I'd ever seen him.  He wasn't about to have eight month pregnant Mary in harms way if he could help it. But did he or anyone else really expect Mary to sneak out the back? Not likely.

Unfortunately, by the time the bullets stopped flying and Mary flew back to stand by Brandi's side, it was too late. Brandi's meltdown was complete. When Jinx reminded her of where she came from, I knew that was the nail in Brandi's proverbial coffin. The self doubt took her under.

And Mary understood. For as often as Mary has believed the worst in her sister, it was nice to see her have her back when she knew no one else would. Their relationship had truly come full circle. 

If they had to leave us with a cliffhanger, I'm thrilled that it was Marshall there with Mary when she went into premature labor. If nothing else, Mary needed someone she could trust. And he was the one Mary called for.

You protect the people you care about the most.  Oh, I can't wait for season five. Next summer can't come fast enough.

Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up Review

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