Necessary Roughness Review: Broken Boundaries

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"Whose Team Are You On?" left several characters scrambling for stable ground.

TK didn't understand boundaries. He didn't comprehend rules and the only game he seemed to be able to play was football. When it came to the press, he completely dropped the ball.

Shirtless Matt

Thankfully, TK's a star football player because the rest of his relationships seemed to be in shambles... and the ripple effects led to a rift between Matt and Laura.

Laura's always been jealous of Dani, but this was the first time she actively tried to remove her from the team, and therefore, Matt's life. Luckily, Matt saw the tactic for what it was. He put Laura in her place when she tried to force her ambition on him. 

Again, this couple just didn't hold my attention. I like both characters, but their romance really bores me.

The team WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) ended up being a much sadder story than I expected. I appreciated how Dani could understand what it was like to have a cheating husband and how she supported Shannon.

I also felt for LeighAnn. How lousy to not only find out that your friend's husband is cheating on her but then basically be threatened by both her husband and yours to keep your mouth shut?

So Nico played the role of protective uncle to Pittman's party girl daughter. I was surprised he needed Dani to tell him to stop enabling the girl, but sometimes the obvious is hard to see when you're so close to it and it was obvious Nico truly cared for Juliette.

Juliette's quip about how Nico would have made a good father made me wonder if he happens to have a child out there somewhere. Or perhaps I'm just craving more backstory on Nico.

But everything came back to TK. Dani found out about his interactions with Ray J. The club, the car, the merchandise, it was all completely inappropriate. Dani called him on it as nicely as she could. She told him she cared but she's his therapist not his friend.

Unfortunately, the world revolves around Terrence King. He was hurt and incapable of seeing the reality of his relationship with Dani. 

The look on Dani's face made me wonder if the loss of TK would mean the loss of her work with the Hawks. TK's temper tantrum could have some serious consequences for her. Plus, there's already an enemy in the Hawks' camp. Laura would be the first to recommend ditching Dr. Dani.

So, was TK justified in his reaction or do you think he acted like a spoiled child? And how will the fallout affect Dr. Dani?

Whose Team Are You On? Review

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Nico: What's he on Juliette?
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