New Grey's Anatomy Love Triangle in the Works?

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It's not exactly a new triangle, as Mark's feelings for Lexie are well-documented, but things are about to get a lot more complicated regarding her new relationship.

Shonda Rhimes tells TV Line that the Mark-Lexie love connection is "far from over," despite the fact that last season ended with Mark endorsing Lexie and Jackson.

“It’s going to [remain] a viable triangle,” the Grey’s Anatomy creator says.

Reunion at Joe's

Back before the tables turned.

“Mark is trying to move on from Lexie, but at the same time, there’s inherent comedy there, especially as Jackson tries to pursue a career in plastics," she adds.

Plastics being Mark's specialty. Think he'll be abusing his power over Jackson much? We've already seen what he's capable of ... and it's always entertaining!

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