Project Runway Review: Better Have a Plan B

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When it's "All About Nina," it pays to have a plan B.

The pressure was on this week, as our remaining designers had to come up with a look that could transition from day to evening. The twist? The outfit must be made for Nina Garcia, judge and Fashion Director at Marie Claire magazine.

Tim and Nina

I'd always considered Nina to be the toughest judge on the runway and she didn't prove me wrong. She pulled no punches when telling the designers what she liked and, more specifically, what she didn't.

As Nina met with the everyone individually, the word heard most was no. No, she didn't want the skirt she wanted pants. No, not that collar. No, Oliver, not that conservative. No, Bryce, not a micro mini mini. And, dear God Bert, no. A plunging neckline is not appropriate for the office. No, no, no.

This was not going to be easy.

Even Tim was getting nervous when he came to give the two hour deadline and found everyone still sewing. That had never before happened.

We had two guest judges this week. Actress Kerry Washington and Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine. Joanna's comments were a great combination of blunt and funny. Can we get her back for more?

There were several designers who were safe that slipped through the cracks. Bryce's hemline was horrible and he's darn lucky he didn't get called out for it. Wasn't it just last week that he was knocking his partner for not knowing how to sew?

Laura's dress really was Christmas green and Bert hardly got any airtime, although for that I was grateful. That said, I didn't mind his outfit he had been such an ass the last two weeks I was happy for the Bert break.

Let's take a look at those who landed on the top and bottom.

Top 3:

  • Viktor gave us a classic black dress with a bit of an edge. Nina loved it, saying it was sharp and clean. She also liked that it was done as two separate pieces. Michael Kors found it tailored and polished.
  • Kimberly did navy pants with a unique gold top. Nina adored that it was powerful yet a little bare and that it didn't need any accessories to transition from day to night. Joanna declared that the top was exactly what Project Runway was all about.
  • Anya had originally picked a mustard yellow print fabric which Nina hated but was quick on her feet and dyed it a darker color. Nina was amazed by the transformation. Joanna said the jumpsuit was gorgeous with Heidi commenting that it made the model's bum look good. The judges were impressed that she took a risk.

Bottom 3:

  • Julie: Nina liked nothing about this outfit. She said to reduce the huge collar, not completely open the neck. Kors called it a sad and unfortunate housecoat. Not good.
  • Cecilia: Kors said the fabric was just a disaster. Nina thought the color was very sad. She could have tried to dye it like Anya but she just gave up and the judges bust her for her bad attitude.
  • Danielle: Joanna said if Nina came to work in this outfit she'd think she were ill. Ouch! Michael said he could picture his aunts wearing this in the 1980s. This was not going well for Danielle.

At the end of the day, we could only have one winner and Kimberly got the honors. Her outfit was featured in Marie Claire and used in advertisements on NYC cabs. Plus, she got some special one on one time with Nina while she was wearing the outfit.

On the losing end Cecilia squeaked by despite her attitude. It was a shame because she acted like she was ready to leave but poor Julie had spent too many weeks on the bottom. And when Joanna said...

 If Nina came to the office in this, Julie I would think that she was asking to be fired. | permalink

... you knew poor Julie was headed home.

All About Nina Review

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