Rescue Me Review: Crazy Smelly Love

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Around what date do girls normally wait to fart? Fourth date? Third date, maybe?

I know what you're thinking: Girls don't fart. That's common knowledge, duh. But somebody better inform Sean's new gal, Emily, that she's breaking new ground (and horribly rank wind).


Can you imagine a smell so bad that in order to make it you "would have to eat a dead guy who just ate Indian food and then sh*t his pants"? That's nauseating to think about. And what's worse was that it was right after sex. I wanted to say Ooo la la, but all I could think was oh no no.

Of course, getting viewers to contemplate such an atrocious smell wouldn't be possible without the fantastic acting of Steven Pasquale. His quiet attempts at retching and looks of horror said it all. Sometimes a face says more than words.

In fact, Pasquale makes his character one of the most entertaining of the series (and perhaps the most underrated.) While he did manage to get a previous dramatic storyline involving cancer, it was nice to seem him back with his comedic antics and situations. His naivety and often "dumbness" make him sincere, charming, and more often than not, hilarious. His moments are even escalated when he has Mike to play off of. It's a back and forth you can't help but laugh at.

Unfortunately, Tommy's actions didn't leave everyone with a chuckle. As much as his voice and opinions might have had some truth on the TV special, it didn't change the fact that he flipped out and flipped off the camera. It could cause real consequences for the firehouse, but what else is new?

However, it did create quite a rift between Tommy and Franco. While on the one hand, I applaud Franco for telling Tommy that his bad choices do affect the rest of the crew and that he has had it. On the other hand, doing so could easily mean the end of their friendship. I even expected Franco to squash their dissension after Tommy saved his life, but apparently that wasn't going to happen.

I don't want these two to end the series as enemies. Maybe taking the Lieutenant's test and going to another firehouse could ease that tension between them because they would no longer be working together. I'm sure their arguments are just beginning.

And with this season being Tommy's last chance to rise above his grief, frustration, and guilt because of 9/11 and become more than just a man remembered for his wayward antics and bad behavior, he sure is taking his sweet time.

You'd think his conversation with Kelly would have finally snapped some sense into him. Hasn't anything she said done it? It was great that she was another person to call out Tommy: "I don't want to spend the next ten years twisting in the wind trying to figure out all of this, you know, anger or grief. I don't want to be you."

And as much as Janet can act like a crazy person, Tommy shouldn't push her away. Call me a sucker for hoping for his happy ending, but they need to find what made them great in the first place. He needs to find a way to deal with his problems and bring a little magic and happiness back towards his life and family.

Will that ever happen? Is Tommy destined to go down in flames? Can he actually be exactly what the title of the show calls out? Can he be rescued?

Again, Rescue Me allowed an episode like "Brownies" to blend comedy and drama in way that draws out real characters and situations that you continue to want to watch. Things are certainly heating up and the road coming soon is about to get hotter.

Brownies Review

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