Rookie Blue Review: "The One That Got Away"

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There seemed to be some argument over who was "The One That Got Away" on Rookie Blue this week, but there was one character I simply wished would leave: Luke.

Andy was pissed. She was cheated on, lied to and made to look like a fool in front of her friends and coworkers. She let Luke know that she wasn't taking him back. She just wanted it all to fade away.

Helping a Victim

If it were only that easy.

Jo, on the other hand, was going after what she wanted. I sort of liked her attitude. She told Luke she wanted him. They slept together. Andy left and now it was time for Luke to make a decision.

The person I didn't like in all of this was Luke. I know he was taken by surprise when Jo kissed him in the bar, but that elbow to the chest he gave her seemed a little harsh. 

Luke kept acting like Jo was the bad guy. It's not like Jo tricked him into screwing around in a hotel room. He's a big boy. He walked into that with his eyes open. Plus, Jo's not the one who was engaged at the time. 

Then, he grew angry at Jo because she didn't blindly follow his way of thinking during the investigation? Yes, Luke was correct and Andy believed him, but Jo was right, too. Nixon killed Zoey but Sophie's attacker was a copycat and Luke might have missed it being so focused on the suspect he knew was guilty.

Andy couldn't hide her disdain of Jo and I really couldn't blame her, but it did nothing to help her hide what happened between her and Luke from the precinct. Did you see the look on Sam's face when he realized that Jo slept with Luke? It was just after Jo sent Andy out for pizza. If looks could kill, Jo would need life support.

And that's why Sam seemed so disgusted when Andy continued to have Luke's back. Andy believed in Luke's theory, even after he cheated on her. It was a little too much blind devotion for Sam to take. He had to walk away. Unfortunately, that gave Luke the opportunity to play hero.

Nixon was scary. He was a big guy with military training and you could tell from his trophy collection that he was very precise about his kills. When he cornered Andy in the storage locker, all I kept thinking was that this guy could tear her apart.

I was glad there was a copy cat because it gave us a great scene with Dov and Gail. These two exude chemistry, even while bantering over ugly, green, shag carpet. It just made me want to see them together more often.

So, do you think Andy's going to give Luke a second chance? I don't think he deserves one, but if he's determined enough, I'm not sure Andy won't cave. Am I wrong? 

The One That Got Away Review

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