Survivor: South Pacific Cast, Twists: Revealed!

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Survivor returns to CBS on Wednesday, September 14, replete with a new cast, new twists and a new location: the South Pacific.

But, for reality TV junkies, there are a couple of familiar faces: Elyse Umemoto appeared on TLC's Miss America: Reality Check, while Whitney Duncan placed fifth on season five of Nashville Star. Also among the cast members below:

A lingerie football player, Mikayla Wingle, and a medical marijuana dispensary owner, Jim Rice.

Survivor: South Pacific Cast Pic

Jeff Probst, meanwhile, has announced a few changes to the game. He told Entertainment Weekly:

  1. Two returning players will join the cast and be announced later in the week.
  2. There will be hidden immunity idols with hidden clues: "Once you find the clue, then you have to find the idol," the host says.
  3. Redemption Island will return, but without the set-up of duel fights. It's one-on-one. Win or go home, contestants.
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