Terrell Owens to Take the Field on Necessary Roughness

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In a bit of casting that seemed inevitable, TO will soon meet TK.

Former 49er/Eagle/Cowboy/Bill/Bengal Terrell Owens will appear on an upcoming episode of Necessary Roughness, though the football star won't be portraying himself. Instead, Owens will line up across from Mechad Brooks' Terrance King as an opposing cornerback on the September 14 season finale.

Mehcad Brooks Promo Pic
Terrell Owens

Will TK be able to score on TO's Kevin "The Minefield" Minnifield?

Coming off knee surgery, Owens is currently unemployed outside of this gig. He's yet to announcement his retirement, but no team has signed the veteran as a free agent, either.

Still, for those interested in the scripted, off-the-field life of a washed-up wide receiver with an attitude, season three of VH1's The TO Show premieres on August 22.

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