The Lying Game Review: "Double Dibs"

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The Lying Game is heating up, folks!

This week, Sutton went deeper into the mystery of her and Emma's birth mother, as we learned a lot more about various characters in "Double Dibs," as well as who may be behind some of the shady stuff that's been going on.

To start with: Ethan and Emma are getting closer and Sutton's not happy with the interference. However, this was all Sutton's idea and it's painfully obvious how hard Emma is trying. You can't really blame the girl for falling for the "Mercer Charm." After all, look how crappy her whole life has been. Or so we thought...

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With the help of Thayer, Sutton tracks down the woman listed as her mother on her birth certificate, Ruth Peterson. It turns out Ruth was hired by a baby broker to sign the certificates because the real birth mother was apparently in bad shape. Sutton went to the Mercers in Phoenix and Emma went to the Websters in Beverly Hills. A quick trip to Websters' home and Sutton learns how things really went down for her twin.

Emma had been adopted by a nice family and was set for a nice life, until some woman posing as Ruth Peterson showed up and took Emma back. Why she took Emma - and not Sutton - is still unknown. However, it's noteworthy to mention that in the books Emma had spent time with their birth mother for several years.

I have to say, Sutton is really growing on me. She certainly goes after what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer. Emma on the other hand, after spending years in the foster system, just tries to do the right thing and keep the peace. But this isn't an open and shut case of good twin, bad twin, no matter how much of a brat Sutton has been in the past.

Granted, we're not the one who has to choose between the sisters. As I said last week, it's shaping up that Ethan could get caught in a love triangle. That near kiss this week was just a little too near if you ask me. I liked finding out more about their history, how they met, how they fell in love, etc.

For now, though, Sutton has dibs. As Laurel explained, this is not something that Sutton and her wolfpack take lightly. Now that Laurel and Char are going after the same guy, I smell revenge on the horizon and a possible revisiting of The Lying Games. There's no way Char's going to take this one laying down.

As for who was behind the the break-in at Suttons and now Thayers? None other than Thayer and Mads' dad! Mads isn't too concerned with her father's shady activities because she's busy getting all Black Swan with her ballet instructor.

So, what's the motive? Why is Alec so obsessed with knowing Sutton's every move? He clearly knows about the backdoor adoption and maybe even had a hand in it. All I know is that he's not a man I'd want to be on the bad side of. I also know that a girl like Sutton Mercer likely won't let his meddling get in her way.

Double Dibs Review

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