Warehouse 13 Review: So Many Questions...

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Simply put, "The 40th Floor" was one of the finest episodes Warehouse 13 has ever produced.

Just when it looked like the installment was done lobbing bombshells, we were faced with another one. This conclusion could easily have been mistaken for a season finale.

Grabbing Stukowski

But let's back up I have so many questions:

Why are the Regents necessary to protect the Warehouses? What happens if the cuffs Jane received happened to be damaged or destroyed? Obviously, the cuffs are needed as a last line of defense because Marcus, whoever he is and whatever he’s doing, has his own artifacts to wage his war with the Warehouses. But what do they do?

What happens to Steve now? If Myka can be used as a past example, leaving the Warehouse doesn’t exactly stick. Not to mention Jane said Warehouse personnel are destined to serve, but my worry wasn’t when or how Steve comes back. It was this: where will his be head be? Steve is a by-the-book, follow-orders type of person.

He went against those principals to uphold an even greater one here: no torture. Where can he go now? Will he still be by the book or will he veer closer to Claudia’s side and insubordinate like it’s going out of style?

Like I said, so many questions.

The biggest bombshell was easily Myka finding out that Jane is Pete’s mother. I certainly didn’t see that coming. In fact, it didn’t look like Pete saw it coming, either. What does that mean for Pete? Actually, what does that mean for everyone? Heading back to “Trials,” Pete mentioned after his dad died his mom stayed busy and he didn’t see her very much. Does this mean the Warehouse is a family business for the Latimers? It looks like it.

Is it next week yet?

The 40th Floor Review

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