White Collar Summer Finale Preview: Down Goes Neal?

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White Collar will bid farewell for a few months next Tuesday, as this USA hit airs a summer finale that will pit Neal against Peter.

Will the latter follow through on his promise to bring down the former? Can he really do that to a friend? Can Neal pull off his most stunning con yet?

All these questions will be answered, or at least addressed, on the episode "Countdown." Leading up to it, viewers can also catch up on the summer season so far with a morning marathon on USA.

As for this week's installment, what did you think of Eliza Dusku's guest appearance? Our critic found it sadly underwhelming.

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White Collar Quotes

Mozzie: It's worse, I'm in the system.
Neal: Not quite.
Mozzie: Ivan Bliminse? The invisible man? That's appropriate.

Neal: You want the dinosaur.
Peter: Damn right I do!