Who Will Kate Mulgrew Play on Warehouse 13?

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Kate Mulgrew will soon be visiting Warehouse 13.

The veteran actress (Mercy, Star Trek: Voyager) will appear on four episodes of SyFy's highest-rated series as Jane, a woman "a very important Regent," according to creator Jack Kenny.

Kate Mulgrew on Warehouse 13

"Her first episode ("The 40th Floor," airing August 29), will make her relationship to the Warehouse and everyone in it vital," Kenny said. "And for the next three episodes that Kate is in, we'll learn a lot more about how the Regents are chosen, how they affect the Warehouse, and in particular how Jane will have a very strong impact on Pete and Myka."

For more from Mulgrew herself, read the actress' interview with William Keck of TV Guide Magazine.

And for a look at next week's Warehouse 13 episode, check out this sneak peek at H.G. Wells.

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