Who Will Team Up on The Good Wife?

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They are arguably the two most fascinating characters on The Good Wife, yet Robert King didn't even realize it until recently: Kalinda and Eli have never shared a scene together.

That will change on season three, though, the series co-creator tells TV Line.

"There will be a bonding between" the pair, King says. “Eli’s in-house now [at Lockhart Gardner] and he needs an investigator at times. So they form an interesting friendship.”

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Very Sad Kalinda

No, the show won't go there between the characters any time soon, King adds, but "there just seemed to be something right about Archie and Alan and the way that they would be drawn together.”

That's a safe assumption to make, considering both have been nominated for Emmy Awards for these roles.

In other season three news, Lisa Edelstein explained her incoming character in more depth this week. Check out that interview now.

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