90210 Review: "Rush Hour"

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I started out wanting to hate this week's episode of 90210... but as it moved along "Rush Hour" grew on me. Maybe because nothing was really what it seemed and it got meaner as the hour went by.

Naomi and a Pig

I still didn't believe that an 18-year-old was running a bar, but Liam getting involved with an older Alaskan woman and feeling torn apart about causing the woman's husband's death was unexpected. It sure doesn't sound like we're treading in teenage angst anymore.
Jane seemed a whole lot older than Liam and I got a babysitter vibe from her but, hey, if it'll help the kid grow up, the writers should go to town with this storyline. Let Liam work through his demons.

Elsewhere, Naomi's hazing was mild compared to what actually goes on in a sorority, yet how could you not love Faulkner? Nothing like dinner with a farm animal to put a princess in her place.

I knew Austin was up to no good when he recommended that Naomi play Rossini at dinner. And Holly getting her revenge on Naomi for outbidding her on the Taj Mahal was perfect. That sorority president bee-yotch was hinky from the get go.

I couldn't have cared less that Navid's sister was kidnapped and, like Silver, knew all along it was a hoax. I liked the way Navid protected Leila, though.

But, seriously, what's up with Navid's hair? Are we supposed to believe that just because he got a side part he's got it all under control? The skanky tattoo guy shaking Navid down for $75K wasn't buying it and neither was I. And Navid's skeevy uncle should be interesting to watch in the coming weeks.

Annie needed to keep her trap shut because that Jeremy guy was creepy from the start. First of all, the dude looked to be about 33. And had accountant written all over him. So it was no surprise that he was hooked up with the whole Marla inheritance plot. Poor Annie, can't catch a break.

It appears that we'll soon have another junkie on our hands now that good ole country boy Austin introduced Dixon to his ADD meds. A tweaked out hip-hop producer with an ego to match Kanye West's. Fantastic.

And speaking of junkies, Adrianna was desperate to get back into Silver's good graces. And everyone else's it seemed. Laying it on thick trying to make pancakes, potpourring up Dixon's pad, then solving the mystery of where Leila was being "held captive," I thought it was funny how Austin just wanted her out. She had a few words of wisdom that Liam took to heart but other than that, she seemed adrift in this week's episode.

Revenge, redemption and revulsion. Nothing but good times ahead on 90210.

Rush Hour Review

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