90210 Season 4 Q&A: Is Naomi Pregnant?

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Patti Carr is new to 90210. But the executive producer assures fans: season four won't be a vast departure from the show they have grown to know and love.

It was simply an "exciting challenge to come in and decide how we were going to take these kids from childhood to adulthood," Carr tells TV Line in a wide-ranging interview. "The kids will start to define themselves and confront who they are."

Naomi and a Pig

One of the most pressing questions viewers have, of course, centers around Naomi and the final image of the May finale: is she pregnant? Based on photos from the episode ahead, it seems hard to believe.

The storyline will be "answered in the premiere," promises Carr. "And I will say that Naomi is not a liar. We’re adamantly against lying about being pregnant... But [she and Max] do deal with it and it spins their relationship in a different direction."

In other words: it was a false positive or a miscarriage took place. Either option is a pretty lame way to immediately end a season-concluding cliffhanger.

What about Teddy? Is he really getting married? Read the full Q&A at TV Line now to learn more about his future, along with that of Ivy and Raj.

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The emotions and the issues are very real... these characters have real layers that will all peel away very, very slowly.

Shenae Grimes

It's not a mom and dad who are home eating bon bons. It's a couple who's f%$k!

Rob Estes