Archie Panjabi Previews New Insight into Kalinda on The Good Wife

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Forget the impending divorce between Peter and Alicia.

Most fans of The Good Wife were far more traumatized by the split of Alicia and Kalinda toward the end of season two, as the latter's promiscuous past came out and the finale concluded with these two nothing but (awkward) co-workers.

Pic of Kalinda

Where will things stand on September 25, when the best drama on network television returns? Previews Archie Panjabi:

"The ball is really in Alicia's court as opposed to Kalinda's court, so I think Kalinda is constantly testing the waters to see how Alicia is going to react to her. That will be the challenge in Season 3, how much is played out in front of the other workmates, whether they do talk or they don't, and whether they make that effort to work together."

Aside from Kalinda's fractured relationship with Alicia, the character will be interacting closely with two other fan favorites: Eli and Cary.

Panjabi tells TV Guide Kalinda "definitely likes" working with Eli, as these two will share scenes for the first time this fall. What about Cary and any romantic possibilities?
Cary's matured now and the question will be: Is she genuinely attracted to him for sex and love or is it brotherly companionship?"

The Emmy-winning actress concludes that we'll get more "insight" into Kalinda on season three, which, for fans of the fascinating series, can't kick off soon enough.

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