Awkward Review: Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch

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Things took a turn for the dramatic on "The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch."

To be honest, Jenna was living up to her nickname of Lil’ Bitch. Granted, it was mostly because she was drugged and drinking... but that really doesn’t have the same flow as Lil’ Bitch.

Arrival of Aunt Ally

Lacey’s friend, Ally, would have been my picture of Tamara in 20 years. She was just the right amount of hilarious, but with all the markings of a woman who washed up from the party scene long ago. She was a great contrast to Lacey because, although Lacey made some of the same mistakes, Ally was still making them. She hasn’t made a life for herself; instead she has decided to be a sloth and live with her parents.

I was happy to see those decisions come back to bite Ally relatively quickly. For all the crap Lacey gets from Jenna and Kevin about her parenting style, it was great to see Lacey as an excellent mother (not that we had any doubt).

In fact, Lacey was full on mother bear against Ally when she found out Ally drugged Jenna. In doing so, a few of her insecurities bubbled up the surface; no matter how hard Lacey wants to hold onto her youth, she doesn’t want those same mistakes passed on to Jenna.

As for Matty and Jake, it feels like Jenna has put a reset on wherever she was going with the both of them. Except for Jenna airing her own insecurities and thoughts around the two of them – Jake with his girlfriend and Matty with his multiple instances of social shunning – it was mostly a step backwards.

Can you believe after all of this there was still more? Tamara wrote the letter! I guess “A Friend” was actually a friend! I had suspicions in the comments last week, but I never put too much stock into thinking Tamara was the one who wrote it. To be honest, I’m hoping Tamara was venting and she really didn’t write the letter. She was just giving Jenna some payback for making out with Ricky Schwartz.

Why? Writing something that hurtful doesn’t feel like a very Tamara thing to do, especially to your best friend. Tamara has always been a bit vengeful to those she doesn’t like, but she has had Jenna’s back like no other. Then, why would she write such a letter? As I was rattling my brain back and forth I could really only think of two things:

  1. Either Tamara wants Jenna to enjoy high school more and break out of her shell.
  2. Or she wants to use the letter so she can climb the popularity ranks. Sadie would certainly love to find out about it and the effects it had on Jenna.

Overall, my only real nitpick with the episode was how it lacked in comedy, but it made up for it with a heaping dose of drama. I’m really at a loss for what to expect next week.

The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch Review

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