Gossip Girl Producer Speaks on Pregnancy Stunner

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Monday’s Gossip Girl season premiere closed with a game-changing revelation: After leading us to believe Dorota was the one who was pregnant, it was revealed that both Dorota and Blair are expecting!

Executive producer Josh Safran tells TV Line that the series will delve into the options that a young woman in Blair’s situation might consider – and the emotional turmoil and potential pitfalls that come with them.

Although Blair’s been able to fool (almost) everyone so far, it won’t be long before she finds it too difficult to hide the pregnancy and wade through her options by herself, says the Gossip Girl show-runner:

Future Princess of Monaco

“Blair’s pregnancy will impact Chuck in a major way,” says Safran, who also teases that Chuck's journey, which we saw the beginning of last night, “is the only possible next step in the evolution” of the character.

Could that next step be fatherhood?

Safran won’t say, but promises, “the audience will learn who the father is in the first half of the season.”

So why make Blair pregnant at all?

Safran points out, accurately, that “it isn’t out of the realm of possibility” for a young, would-be princess to find herself with child. But, just like the pregnancy, Blair’s fertile story arc wasn’t exactly planned.

“We didn’t go three years ago, ‘She’s going to get pregnant at the end of Season 4!’” says Safran. “But it felt right to us when we [wrote it because this] is how Blair’s experiencing it [right now]."

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