Harry's Law Review: "There Will Be Blood"

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"There Will Be Blood" was the second of the three-episode arc for Alfred Molina as Eric Snyder. As I’m still trying to absorb all the changes in Harry’s Law, this week we are going to break down the show into three categories:

The Good:

Tommy is becoming one of my favorite characters. From his encouraging speeches to Harry to his explanation to Marcus the three ways he gets people to do the right thing, I totally enjoyed the character. 

Adam was in the episode a lot more. His talk to James Sanders (Ross Benjamin) made it tough for me to hold a straight face throughk as Benjamin makes an amazing “loon,” as his father put it. 

Cassie is fitting right in. If Cassie had been the only addition this season, it wouldn’t have taken me more than an episode to adopt her into the family and not even remember what it was like without her there. We really need to call her "Harry-lite" or "Latina-Harry."

Harry's Law Duo
The Bad:

What happened to the music? If you listen to the opening credits with the light-hearted whistle and near circus excitement tones, and then listen to the scene change, commercial return or other quiet scenes, the two are night and day different. 

Where is Harry’s witty dialog? To this day, I still use and quote Harry’s line from last season were she told Rachel “Can I interrupt you, this is important... I’ve stopped listening!” I have seen nothing close to this so far this season. I did see an increase in obscenities, through, including a bleeped out F-Bomb. 

Last week I wanted to slap Roseanna (Jean Smart). This week she began doing such outlandish things that I just started rolling my eyes. What kind of District Attorney talks about her sex life with two detectives? I'm horribly afraid that her character is just going to slide down the "evil is dumb" slide as this case moves along. 

The Ugly:

Is the city of Cincinnati paying David E. Kelly for all the advertising he is doing for them? Is it me or was every scene change or commercial break lead in with more scenery from Cincinnati? We get it already, she is working in Cincinnati! 

If the city of Cincinnati isn’t, certainly Apple must be paying Kelly. Last week, Harriet mentioned how her iPad hasdgotten her spoiled on technology, even though we have never seen her touch a computer. This week, Tommy proudly announced he recorded the confession they beat out of a delivery driver on his iPhone 4 in HD!

Speaking of beating, I know Ollie is new to the team, but I was very disappointed they went the route of physical violence. From Tommy’s banter and Harriet’s brilliance there were so many other creative ways they could have gotten Marcus to spill the info he possessed. While I will admit I chuckled at the surprised look on Adam’s face, like Harry I was totally appalled afterwards. 

In conclusion, I’m not sure Harry’s Law 2.0 is going to survive in the ratings or for this reviewer. I can’t think of another show that has changed this much and survived. Can you think of any that fit the bill? Will it make it through a full season? The jury may soon come back with its negative verdict.

There Will Be Blood Review

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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Tommy: A law professor once told me, sounds crazy, but I believe it with all my tiny heart. Lawyers in murder trials are dead if they don't dance. It helps refill the humanity tank; you should do it once in a while I'm telling you.
Harry: You're a very strange dude.
Tommy: I really am.

You had her arrested because she mocked your ass in court.