Kevin Williamson Previews Inter-Generational War on The Secret Circle

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Jessica Parker Kennedy teased it in an exclusive interview this week, and now producer Kevin Williamson has confirmed it: an inter-generational war is coming to The Secret Circle.

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Referring to the young coven - which will include Britt Robertson's Cassie, who moves to a new town after her mother is killed - versus an older generation that is comprised of Natasha Henstridge's Dawn and Gale Harold's Charles, Williamson teased:

"There is this idea of what happened 16 years ago, that chased Cassie’s mother from this town. What was so horrific? As our new Circle tries to uncover that, for fear of their own future, a lot of those discoveries do go inter-generational. We have the Dawn and Charles Circle, but we also have Jane, who is Cassie’s grandmother, who has her own Circle...

"I love the idea that it’s not just a teen show. It is very much an adult show, and the themes and ideas that are running through it, while they are young characters, is going to get very adult, very fast. It’s just going to go more that way than the high school, teen way."

Visit Collider now to read the full interview with Williamson, as he touches on the tone of The Secret Circle and how many families are involved with the covens.

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