New Girl Review: "Kryptonite"

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"Kryptonite" is New Girl's second ever episode and there are things that are improved from the pilot, along with things that may need tweaking. 

The good. The new show introduction. Very cute! But this comedy's ace in the hole is the quirky and cute Zooey Deschanel. A lot has been made about her adorableness (and the word has been used a LOT to describe her). She's got plenty of charm to spare, though I'm very glad they toned down the quirky part. She still has a tendency to break into songs, but at least one of them was off-screen with the bewildered new roommate, Winston (played by newcomer, Lamorne Morris). 

Jess and Her Men

The rest of the cast adds their own brand of charm as well. Unlike the other female-centric comedy, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl doesn't suffer from a lack of good supporting characters. My favorite is Schmidt. Yes, he tends to say things that require deposits to the douchebag jar (nowhere in sight this episode, disappointing), but he delivers some of the shows funniest lines.

Nick plays the sensible man to balance Jess' and Schmidt's wacky. Nothing remarkable but he does well with what he's given. Cece, all high gloss fashion, is a stark contrast to her best friend. She's not given much, but like Nick, does well whenever she's on screen.

My completely unrelated question: now that we know Jess is a teacher, uh, how are she and Cece friends again?

Winston is the one character I'm reserving my judgment about. I think this new character has kinda messed with the chemistry from the premiere. I'm just not seeing how his character adds much to the dynamic. We've got the quirkylicous (yes, I made that up) girl, the off-beat Schmidt, the straight man Nick. Did we need another straight man in Winston? In my opinion, I think they should've recast the Coach character.  But it's early times yet.

The bad. I gotta say it. It wasn't that funny. I laughed a few times, like during the scene where Schmidt was practice-posing in his room. Another good one was when the guys were frantically telling Jess to get her TV from the old cheating boyfriend's place after she broke theirs. Other than that, I had a smile. Sure it's better than a frown, but with tons of comedies competing for my attention, if they don't start making me laugh more, what's the point?

Next, I found myself giving them the side-eye when they all banded together towards the end to support Jess. It felt forced in the pilot when they rescued her from being alone after her date stood her up, and it felt forced here. When Nick donned that hat as a response to the old cheating boyfriend's claim that it was his, it felt organic. The rest felt silly. I mean, they hardly know her! It's as if they got sucked into Jess' adorableness orbit without it being setup or earned properly.

I don't buy it, so I hope they don't make that into a weekly formula.

Is Zooey enough of a draw if they don't make future eps funnier? I don't know. I hate to judge a show on two episodes so I'll be tuning in for more. Hopefully, they bring the funny, such as they did in these New Girl quotes.

Kryptonite Review

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