Nikita Exclusive: Melinda Clarke Teases the Amanda-fication of Season 2

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Prepare to get Amanda-fied, Nikita viewers.

That's how Melinda Clarke described to me what her role will be on season two of this CW hit, as the actress was kind enough to chat over the phone while trying to find a parking spot at her daughter's school.

The Amanda Stare

"Division will be a slightly different playing field," Clarke previews. "There is no active recruitment going on. Amanda is really trying to bring Division back to basics and eliminate all threats."

The main threats, of course, come in the form of Nikita and Michael, as teased in the first footage from season two.

But while Amanda will be doing everything she can to bring these two in, Clarke doesn't see her character as a villain. Far from it, in fact. She'd actually make Jack Bauer proud.

"She really believes in Division, in what it can do for the country," says the star. "All of her actions are with the best interest of the nation in mind."

This includes her treatment of Alex, which was not always so gentle over season one. Clarke jokes that Amanda is "the ultimate Tiger Mom. She put Alex through the ringer, but for her own good, in Amanda's mind. You might say she has a warped sense of being a mother hen."

What storyline would Clarke - who, it bears repeating, could not have been nicer or more understanding during our interview - love to see on Nikita?

"A look into Amanda and Percy's past. These characters are veterans at what they do. They have to make hard decisions, such as electrocutions, and they completely believe it's for the good of the country. It would make for fascinating TV to get an idea of how they arrived at this place."

Nikita returns with new episodes on Friday, September 23.

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