Project Runway Review: Who Crashed and Burned?

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We're down to the final eight on and the rather unique task of this week's Project Runway gives our designers a chance to shine... or crash and burn.

"Image is Everything" presents us with the rocker challenge, as the designers are broken up into two groups of four. Each designer must create a look for a member of the band Sheepdogs. The winner's outfit will not only be shown in Marie Claire, but in Rolling Stone as well.

So why is everyone so flustered? The band is all male (gasp!) and no one is comfortable with men's wear. Except Oliver. That's what he does and yet, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Adam Lambert on Project Runway

First off, I think the Sheepdogs must have picked their name for their hair as long and shaggy seems to be the image they're currently projecting. The band is looking for a modern hippie look and the designers do their best to give it to them with varying degrees of success.

Now you'd think Oliver had this one in the bag. Men's wear is his thing. Unfortunately, working with people is not. Oliver is at his wits' end because his band member is larger than the mannequin he's working with and actually has an opinion that differs with his. Really? Oliver does this for a living. It doesn't seem like it should be such a huge adjustment but he can't handle anything that isn't perfect. He definitely has issues.

On the upside, everyone works together better than they ever had, which is a nice change of pace. I've grown tired of all of the sniping.

None of the looks really rock my world but I suppose this just isn't my style so we'll move onto the highs and lows of the competition.

The Top 3:

  • Josh: Heidi thinks his model is the hottest guy in the band. Adam says it's the most unique. Everyone loves the fringed jacket and the jeans and although Tim is taken aback by the zippered fly, no one else seems to mind.
  • Viktor: Nina thinks he made three spectacular pieces but Heidi didn't think it looked hot enough. I thought the pleather would come back to bite him but he managed to make it look good.
  • Bert: His tie dye outfit was modern with a wink to the past. Adam wasn't crazy about the pinstriped pants but Nina liked that it was a cohesive look. The pigtails were a little much for me but everyone else enjoyed the look.

The Bottom 3:

  • Oliver: He didn't even finish his look. What he did finish was well constructed but as Michael says, this isn't Project Seamstress?
  • Anya: Adam thinks her tunic is the worst of the bunch as she struggled with her first men's wear. Is this where her lack of sewing experience finally catches up with her?
  • Kimberly: When someone says your look resembles something they'd find in the Salvation Army $5 bin you know you're in trouble.

In the end, our big winner is Viktor. His Mad Max meets Woodstock look rockets him to the top of the pack. And Oliver is sent home. I can't say I mind. He was becoming more pathetic each week.

On a completely separate note, have you ever noticed how easy it is to tell who Tim likes and who he doesn't? He looked like he'd rather hug a cactus than Oliver. The Tim Gunn moment is always the reason to stay for the end.

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