Rizzoli & Isles Review: "Gone Daddy Gone"

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"Gone Daddy Gone" brought Patti Doyle back into Maura's life, whether she liked it or not.

Indeed, Maura's biological Daddy paid her a visit... with a gunshot wound. Certainly not the hostess gift Maura was hoping for.

At the Docks

The man was lying there bleeding all over her sofa and he still wouldn't tell her who her biological mother was. He could have died and she never would have gotten that information. Although a man with Doyle's arrogance might think himself invincible, so perhaps that thought hadn't crossed his mind. 

I believed he cared for Maura, but withholding that nugget from her just seemed cruel. Granted, he's a mobster. I suppose cruelty is a necessary personality trait.

It was nice that Tommy was there for the whole ordeal. Even though he was tied up with a gun at his head, it was better than Maura having to go through it alone.

The opening scene of the girl running from her killer was absolutely frightening. As MJ sprinted for her life and fumbled frantically for her keys, Rizzoli & Isles once again managed to make an attack - mostly kept offscreen - terrifying.

Meanwhile, I wasn't sure which was funnier: Jane dealing with the idiots sexually harassing her on the docks, or her avoiding her sensitivity training. In her defense, the Connect, Protect, and Respect class sounded pretty darn painful. Of course, once she finally completed it ,she did get that pretty rainbow certificate. Maybe she'll frame it and put it on her desk. Or not.

I kind of missed Angela in this episode, but loved her brief scene at the end. I couldn't believe she thought her $109 room for the night entitled her to take the robe, hairdryer and drinks. The mini-bar bill alone will double her charges. Add to it that she lost $85 playing nickel slots down in Atlantic City. I could just picture Angela spending all day at the nickel slot machine. (Do they still have those?)

I enjoyed this new view of Tommy as something more than the hot-headed brother with a criminal record. He and Maura had a nice, friendly chemistry with their all-night chess game. Plus, he was a good sport about taking the blame for the broken door. 

Perhaps Maura should add a few more dead bolts and a security system to her home, for the next time her mobster father decides to drop by. It probably won't stop him, but it couldn't hurt.

Gone Daddy Gone Review

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