Rookie Blue Round Table: "God's Good Grace"

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Welcome to the first-ever edition of the Rookie Blue Round Table!

Below, staff writer Christine Orlando is joined by three TV Fanatic readers - Jen, Ashley and Sam - as they dissect, "God's Good Grace," the second season finale. As always, fan feedback is encouraged on the following topics...


Would you prefer to see Gail paired romantically with Chris, Dov, or Luke? Why?
Jen: I'm not really sure she should be with anyone right now. It would be kinda cool to see her with Dov but then there's a downside to Dov and Gail potentially being together, Chris would probably go back to being mad at Dov and Gail.

Ashley: Dov. Although they are always arguing and disagreeing, I really saw more of a connection between Dov and Gail this season. They have that whole butting heads thing going on right now, and sometimes that's how it starts. Earlier in the season, I could tell where the show was going and wasn't too excited about it. If Gail decides to get involved with Luke, this will definitely create tension, and also break the girl code between Gail and Andy! I didn't see that coming! I don't see any chemistry between Gail and Luke. If anything, they would be rebounding each other, and using each other. Dov, on the other hand, seems like a good fit for Gail - especially after what he said in the car that one night.

Sam: I liked Gail with Chris, they were sweet together and he began to make her more likable. I'm not digging the "Guke" vibe yet but they're both very driven, Gail mostly from her mother's influence, but it may make for a good fit. I still feel I'm a "Piaz" at heart.

Christine: I think Gail and Luke will be nothing more than a rebound fling. I can't see it being more. Dov and Gail have potential to be really interesting. They challenge one another. Chris is a nice guy but I never thought he was the one for Gail. Honestly, he's too nice. It borders on boring.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think about Noelle and Frank starting a family?
Jen: I like it, but I have to admit I never realized until a few episodes ago they were together.

Ashley: It was a very sweet scene between the two of them, but I was surprised by how sudden it happened. They did just start dating and I feel like this could have waited maybe for next season. I was kind of getting a feeling Noelle might be pregnant because Frank kept bugging her about her appointment during the whole finale. I just wonder how it will work with a baby in the picture, but I am glad Noelle doesn't have to be alone in this now.

Sam: Right from season one I liked this storyline. I like "Froelle," they're a good match, not one that was obvious to me at first but once introduced I soon warmed to them. Starting a family? I could see that being tricky given the jobs they have. There were some very sweet moments here, though, between the two especially when even with all that was going on he remembered her IVF treatment. The writers of this show are very clever. I have faith that they could pull this development off.

Christine: Wow, that was quick. Maybe because so much of their personal relationship has been kept off camera. It's great to see a happy couple but it does seem like they jumped from "should we date?" to "let's make a baby" pretty fast.

Now that their romantic relationship is public knowledge, Sam and Andy most likely won't be partnered together on the job. Who do you want as their new partners and why?
Jen: For Sam, I will go with Shaw because they seem to be close friends. For Andy, I will go with Noelle because I don't recall them having any scenes together and I bet they will be a good fit.

Ashley: Thank goodness they're together! I have always been a Sam and Andy shipper. Now, I would have to say for Sam he should work with Chris. I don't really recall them working together. And maybe Traci, too. I always liked when Andy worked with Shaw since he started out as her Training Officer in the very first episode. I loved when he said, "I'm Oliver Shaw, I'll be your training officer until further notice. You don't touch anything in the car, until I tell you to. You don't write anything down in your memo book, until I tell you to. You don't talk to other people, you look at me first. You do as I say, not as I do. You probably think right now I'm being a bit of a hardass, and if it gets stressed out there I will be job is to keep you safe. This crest on my shoulder represents you, and we're both going home today."

Sam: First of all, I don't think that's true, they might get separated for a while but I think of Sandy more like a Sydney and Vaughn: they complement each other and they work together well. I could see a conversation where they're told if they keep it professional they can keep working together. I quite like the idea of Andy partnered with Traci. Traci is becoming a really good cop, she's got good instincts. That or Chris, he's like a big bro to Andy and looks out for her. The episode this season where Sam and Oliver were partnered together was hilarious. I would have liked to have seen so much more of that interaction. There was a lot going on. That would be my choice. However, I know for a fact that star Melanie King would like to do more with Ben so seeing them partnered would be fun, too.

Christine: I hope we still get to see them working together some of the time but I'll be happier to see them outside of work. I loved Sam and Oliver as partners a few weeks back. They were hysterical. I could watch an entire show of just the two of them. I could enjoy a lot of people with Andy but she and Traci have some great girl chemistry. They could make a good team.

What are your thoughts on the future of Sandy?
Jen: I would like to see them date, maybe live together. You know something will tear them apart. I just hope it's not one cheating on the other because, personally, I'm so over the whole "let's get them together... oh no wait let's break them up and have them cheat on someone because they have unhappy lives" angle.

Ashley: I really want them to get to be "normal" and date for a while. I don't think moving in together would be the smartest decision, especially after what happened to Andy last time when she jumped the gun and moved in with Luke. She moved way too fast, and I think now she might be more careful and think it through more. Eventually, I would like them to live together, maybe towards the end of next season. This all depends on where the show decides to pick up, time-wise. But I love Sandy!

Sam: I'm a HUGE Sandy fan. It's always been Sam that she's meant to be with. I'd like to give a high five to executive producer Tassie Cameron for pulling such a bold move, I think everyone imagined they were going to get separated at the end of the season. That's what previous TV has taught us, right? They kept us guessing right till the end, though. They're both suspended, which means both are at a loose ends, I'm guessing so they can be "normal together."  I don't really have any aspirations of what I'd like to see. There's sure to be bumps in the road, but I'm hoping we'll see them overcome them. I doubt Sam will ever again be able to do deep cover, I think the ship's sailed on that. I'm wondering if Sam's line about the house Andy chose being beautiful was foreshadowing of a possible co-habitation. I'm just super psyched there will even be a season three.

Christine: Definitely dating and dealing with all of the complications of a work place romance. Andy and Luke moved in together too quickly. I want Sam and Andy together but I want them to take it slow. Watching them build the romance and the relationship could be a lot of fun.

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