The Secret Circle Promo: "Bound"

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The Secret Circle debuted last night and already looks like the real deal, an ideal counterpart to The Vampire Diaries in the CW's Thursday lineup. Read our Secret Circle premiere review if you missed it!

As we look ahead to next week, we find Cassie befriending Sally Matthews - a non-witch - in attempt to distance herself from the Circle and build a normal life. How do you think that will turn out?

Meanwhile, Diana encourages everyone to bind the circle so their powers don't spiral out of control, but emboldened Faye refuses to participate, and Melissa flirts with Nick despite Faye's warnings.

Finally, Adam struggles with his feelings for Cassie, and things come to a head. How do you see things playing out? Did you like the premiere? Watch the CW's preview for "Bound" and comment below ...

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Secret Circle Quotes

Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.


Cassie: Are you doing this?
Adam: We are.