The Playboy Club Review: "The Scarlet Bunny"

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The first thing that hit me as I started watching "The Scarlet Bunny" was that the attitude at The Playboy Club sure did change in one week's time! Maureen was full of smiles, Carol-Lynne was on the stage performing (something I thought she gave up) and Nick was aching to get her back.

The second thing that hit me? I need not worry. There was still an equal mix of politics, mob and the club in general and if the viewer comments regarding the premiere were any indication, that's exactly what the people want.

Playboy Bunnies

My favorite part of the show is undoubtedly the Bunnies and their inner-club activities. I could use some more, but we were treated to some interpersonal moments here between scantily-clad ladies, giving us more reasons to root for them.

Once Maureen gave her "confession" to Carol-Lynne, and Carol-Lynne accepted the apology, I had high hopes that they would become friends. Carol-Anne's demeanor might be prickly, but she really loves her job and Nick. There was no other way she and Maureen could have started out given the circumstances.

Giving up her red Bunny costume for Maureen's photo shoot and dying her shoes "blood" red were both really nice touches. Unfortunately, their budding friendship was short-lived. Why Nick continued to haunt Maureen in spite of the fact he knew it could blow their secret - as well as strip him of his relationship with Carol-Lynne - was befuddling. Until we discovered his previous role with the Bianchis.

From mob fixer to State's Attorney. That's quite a ride. It also explains why he thinks he can get away with anything. Apparently, he always has.

It wasn't a surprise when Maureen was chosen as one of the five finalists for the Chicago Bunny Playboy cover shoot. As she was talking about her past and aspirations, it appeared she was being modeled after Marilyn Monroe, including the need to be noticed by her father. Maureen came across as beautiful, flawed and greatly in need of the attention.

I was equally impressed by Brenda's passionate desire to own property, but happy not to hear the term "chocolate Bunny" during the hour. Max entered Janie into the shoot contest against her wishes, and she won. Much to his surprise, she was downright angry. Apparently her husband has a subscription to Playboy. Oops!

So, episode two was entertaining, but didn't match the intensity of the pilot. It seems the secrets will continue to drip out slowly, and the mob/political connection won't be going away any time soon. My desire would be for those affairs to gradually disappear because I find them poorly done and cliche. I don't want them to overshadow the real reason I am here, Playboy Bunnies. Have I mentioned that yet?

The Scarlet Bunny Review

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