Archer Round Table: "Heart of Archness: Part III"

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Just like you, our Archer Round Table panelists are about to go into severe depression in just a few short days when it sinks in that we won't be getting a new episode.  But that doesn't stop us from gathering around to discuss the final part of the "Heart of Archness" special!

What was your favorite Archer joke from last night?  

Dr. Toboggan: Pam (to Cyril) "I dont even remember who peed on your sofa, although if I was a betting man..."

Mark F:
Malory: "Are those men’s pajamas?! Where is your pride?"
Carol: "In my work."
Malory: "That is possibly the funniest thing you have ever said." 

Eric H: Who am I, Karl Landsteiner?  We all know I'm a sucker for both the obscure and the repeat offenders.

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Was this Carol’s best episode?

Mark F: Yes, clearly her best episode/series.  But seriously, who was taking care of the Ocelot? It needs a ball or something if she’s going to leave it alone that long. And speaking of random things, where was Kreiger? Mourning the loss of his van of rolling probable cause?

Dr. Toboggan: Yes, definitely.  This was my favorite Archer episode of the three.  All the supporting characters (Mallory, Carol, Pam, and Cyril) were all on top of their game and it made for a great episode.

Eric H: Good point on the Krieger Mark!  But clearly wrong on the best episode.  Obviously, like your reference stated, it was her backstory episode from episode two that introduced us to Babou.

Without their team captain will the Archers of Love-Cross win the tournament? 

Dr. Toboggan: After Lana took out their mid fielder I think the whole team will fall into chaos and they'll lose intramural lacrosse.

Mark F: It’s tough to say. They seemed to be moving the ball well but were clearly lacking some serious fundamentals regarding defense and positioning. But one thing’s for sure. Next season is gone without the Red Shirts.

Eric H: Yes, they may have lost their Captain (and several key players) on the field, but they didn't lose Archer as a coach.  Did you not see the man fly over shouting advice and words of inspiration?  I not only think the Archers of Love-Cross have this local tournament, I think they could go all the way.

What happened between Archer and Columbia House Record Club?

Mark F: Clearly he must have actually been able to unsubscribe from that unyielding water fall of crappy CDs, Laser Discs, and magazines… Seriously, how do you get them to stop?

Dr. Toboggan: I have to agree with Mark on this one.  I think there will be another reference to it this season and we will know for sure but if I was a betting man I would guess it was nothing spy related and he is bragging about his ability to unsubscribe from their service.

Eric H: First question, is Columbia House event still around?  Barely.  Not after Archer was done with them.  I'm assuming he went on some sort of rampage after he tried canceling his membership after claiming his free Essential Journey Hits collection like I did.  The key?  Commit a little mail fraud next time and use your neighbor's address.  Not that I did that.  Nor would I state it on a public blog.  Just saying.

Was it a fairy tale and happy ending that can carry us to January? 

Dr. Toboggan: Yes, as a fan of The League, I am happy that is coming back but this definitely got me excited for Archer.  It never felt like a cheap gimmick and they did a perfect job of creating a 3 episode arc that was entertaining and never felt forced.  I cannot wait for the real season to start.  See you all in 2012.

Mark F: Absolutely. I will be able to make it to January. Especially if I can put together that group Halloween costume in a month. If possible I will send in a picture. But hey, anyone else notice how Malory is only willing to ransom Lana, Sterling, and Rip? She didn’t even acknowledge Ray’s injuries or want him… I mean, he did take bronze in the winter Olympics downhill. That has many transferable life skills similar to lacrosse… right.

Eric H: Phrasing?  No, it wasn't a happy ending for me.  I'm extremely bitter that all I got was a little tease.  This is the blue balls equivalent of a television show.  Luckily, like Mantis, I'm a big fan of Taco and his cohorts.  I might even try reviewing them this week.

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Archer Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Malory: For god's sake woman, where is your pride?
Cheryl: In my work.
Malory: That made be the funniest thing you've ever said.

I don't even remember who peed on your sofa. But if I was a gambling man...