Blue Bloods Review: Loss of Innocence

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The Reagan family dealt with horrifying truths this week, as the loss of "Innocence" became a theme in their lives.

Danny couldn't wrap his mind around three good kids being shot down in cold blood. He wanted a reason. He wanted one of them to have done something that would explain this horrible tragedy.

The sad fact was there was no good reason. They were just three kids in the wrong place at the wrong time when a delusional monster took two of their lives. As Jackie said, sometimes bad things happen to good people and that's truly frightening.

Frank in Thought

The shooting spilled over into Erin's thoughts on letting her daughter ride the subway alone to go out with her friends. I liked that Erin decided to let her go, but then she and Danny followed them. Some might call that overprotective but I'd call it parenting. There's nothing wrong with checking up on your kid every now and again. It's a dangerous world.

That Danny did a background check on all of her friends made me laugh. It might not be legal but we should all be so lucky to have people who care about us that much.

And the look on Erin's face when she found out that Danny and Frank had followed her on her first date was priceless. Danny knew every detail down to when Benny tried to kiss her. Okay, that was a little creepy, but still very funny and kind of touching. The Reagan family looks out for its own.

Back at the family dinner, Frank was haunted by the case he'd gotten wrong. Of course it wasn't entirely his fault. A traumatized rape victim identified the wrong man. It took 18 years for the DNA evidence to exonerate Miles. He spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. What a nightmare.

Then there's the flip side. The real rapist had run free all of that time and the statute of limitations made it impossible to prosecute him for his crime. Despite Erin and Frank's best efforts, they couldn't find a way to nail the bastard for the other rapes they knew he'd committed but couldn't prove.

I loved how Frank accepted what he couldn't do, but still wouldn't give up as he told Justin he and the 35,000 cops who worked for him would forever be watching.

But my favorite part came at the end. When Miles was released from prison, a good chunk of his life robbed from him, Frank was there to look him in the eye. Certainly not an easy thing to do but it was the right thing to do and we can always rely on Frank Reagan to do the right thing. There are few characters left on TV for which that can be said.

Innocence Review

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