Castle Review: The Cold and the Creepy

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Well, that was strange...

The latest installment of Castle, "Head Case,” dealt with a missing head, rejection for Alexis and lots of screen time for all of our favorite detectives. Let’s dig in.

Rejection Is Not Failure. The model teenager faced the dream-crushing realization that she did not get into Stanford. This plot line gave Alexis an arc that is relatable for everyone. Who hasn’t been devastated about not getting something they have worked so hard for? Although it looks like Alexis won’t be leaving us anytime soon, it’s the best move for her. The girl needs to find her own way. Plus, this gave us viewers awesome father/daughter scenes that had me reaching for the phone to talk to my own dad. There is nothing like being a daddy’s girl.

In the Coroner's Office

“I got it, I got the head!” This week’s case was a little odd... to say the least. It had the typical Castle twists and turns, but somehow they didn’t work out as well when dealing with a missing head. Personally, I didn’t know anything at all about cryonics prior to “Head Case.” Thanks to the ever trusty Wikipedia, I have to say the controversial subject is pretty, ummm, different. 

What do you think, Fanatics? Does the idea of freezing your dead body creep you out, too? Who else jumped when they discovered the people in those shiny space ship like tubes? Regardless, this gave Castle the platform to spit out some of the best quotes from the episode, such as:

“Cryonics? That explains the human popsicles."

Overall, not the best Castle episode, especially compared to last week’s “Heroes & Villains.” Sometimes there is just one too many twists and this felt like just that. Even though the case wasn’t amazing, there were still plenty of Castle/Alexis and Castle/Beckett scenes to make up for it.

Some After Thoughts

  • Gates? Turns out she is just doing her job. Makes it a little harder to hate her, huh? But I do not think I am at all alone in disliking the constant “sir.”
  • Where are the Lanie/Esposito scenes? I miss this couple.
  • Martha? We are still looking for a purpose for you.
  • Who else can’t help but smile when Castle straps on that writers vest? Season four and it still gets me.
  • We got another episode end filled with longing glances and smiles between Castle and Beckett. I’ll take these emotional moments until we can get a hook up.
  • Check out the official promo for next week's installment NOW!
So what did you think, Castle fans? Did you think this episode was a little bit of a let down or was it just as fun as ever? Sound off below with your thoughts on “Head Case” and give up some ideas for the official shipper name for Castle and Beckett. Although Caskett is fitting with their jobs, it just isn’t making the cut. We’ll choose the winner next week!

Head Case Review

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Castle Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Rejection isn't failure, failure is giving up.


That's what the great love stories are about, beating the odds.