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After last week’s return to the more light-hearted and humorous show that many of us fell in love with a season ago,, "Bad to Worse" marked the darkest installment to date.

How do you bring a comedic genius like Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander into a series known for is satirical and off-beat humor and NOT let him be funny?

When I read that Alexander would guest star on Harry’s Law, I couldn’t wait and see what kind of antics Bates and him would get into. Imagine my dismay when I realized that David E. Kelley hired Alexander and didn't allow him to be humorous. At all. This was like getting the worst part of George Costanza. Alexander spent a good portion of his screen time either whining or shouting, usually both.

Harry's Law Guest Star

Going from bad to worse in the continuity department, we had Ollie and Adam's case. Actually, with them in the middle of this case, and Harry walking in hung over, I stopped and looked up the episode guide to see if this hour was out of order. 

It wasn't, which left a bunch of questions: Who is Tammy Benoit? Why did she come to Ollie? Why did Ollie get Adam to help?

Beyond that, landing in this storyline at the point where Adam is caught staring at Tammy made no sense. If the case had already been going on, why the Hell was Adam staring when we arrived?

Don’t get me wrong, Marley Shelton (Tammy) did an amazing job of wearing that leather dress. But... why would Adam be staring at her like he had never seen her before? While he might have been doing so because she normally didn’t wear such an outfit, we have no way to know because Kelley decided to air-drop us into the story already in progress. 

Does anyone else feel like the entire case with Ollie and Adam came across like we were watching it after the local news broke in to the show? Remember the days of "We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress," and we had to figure out from things said now what happened while we weren’t able to watch it?

The only ray of light in the storm of dark clouds was that Harry had some great lines. Also, I didn’t see Alexander’s case changing from a firing to a murder. That was an unexpected twist. Though it would have had a more of an impact had events been lighter before the twist -- Ok, ok, I'm getting off my soapbox. 

In conclusion, I’m not feeling Ollie; Adam has become second fiddle and scurries around the edges like a scared mouse; and Tommy Jefferson seems to only be in the show to beg Harry to let him take her latest case.

I’m not sure where Kelley wants to take this show anymore. While we saw a glimmer of hope last week, now it seems like things went from bad to, you guessed it, worse.  

Bad to Worse Review

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