It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: Frank in Love

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In a departure from the usual shenanigans in which Paddy's gang always find themselves, "Frank's Brother" was all about Frank. And it gave us a glimpse into what made the little greedy troll we've all come to love, well... Frank.

He enthralled the gang with his tale of the bitter feud with his long lost brother, Gino, along with Gino's stealing the love of Frank's life, Shadynasty.

In flashbacks we found out Frank worked at a black jazz club when he was 19. The hilarious part was that everyone kept claiming that he looked 12. Um... no. He looked like a decrepit Danny Devito wearing a Beatles moppet-style wig.

A Brotherly Reunion

It was killing me that every time they showed Frank skulking about the club he was chomping on short ribs. Which suspiciously looked like had been grabbed from the garbage. It is Frank after all.

Frank then fell for Shadynasty, one of the backup singers at the establishment. Eventually he and Gino opened their own club and stole Shadynasty away from Reggie, the owner of the original jazz club. Of course, there'd be hell to pay for doing that but this being Sunny Reggie never picked a fight. Instead, being the black man that he was, he paid the ultimate price: Getting sent to jail.

Frank had to run off to Columbia for shooting Reggie when he came around again as Black Panther Makim Mohammed, which led to Gino "taking care" of Shadynasty. Secretly in love with her, Gino introduced her to the '70s world of disco and decadence. Which innocent Shadynasty took to like a pig wallowing in mud.

I really could have survived without seeing Frank festering down in Columbia. Johnny Depp in Blow he was not. But that's what made the '70s-inspired scenes so ridiculous. Grossly overweight and throwing up, Frank came back to reclaim his woman only to find out Shadynasty was now with Gino. He had drugs. Enough said.

Flash forward to the present, a bunch of mysterious love letters and the discovery that Frank and Gino still held a torch for Shadynasty. Only not so much when they raced to the airport and saw how fat she'd gotten. And how really distorted their memories of her had been. It was Reggie who was really the love of her life.

And it was Reggie that ended up getting arrested again. That running gag was probably the best part.

And thus what had seemed like a mesmerizing tale to the Gang turned into an exercise in futility. Because in true Paddy's style, the Gang's attention span became that of a dehydrated fly buzzing around a drain.

Follow all that? If not, relive the memories with our Sunny quotes.

Frank's Brother Review

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Dennis: Jesus Christ, Frank, who is this man?
Frank: My goddamned brother.

You are not eating a hoagie. You are just jamming meats and cheeses in your mouth.

Dee [to Frank]