Modern Family Review: Blind Sided!

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Sweet Jesus, Clive Bigsby is back and in his turtleneck no less. "Door to Door" was all about the neighborhood: a little petitioning, some wrapping paper sales, a search for lost dog and Cameron's debut as Marlon Brando's character in A Streetcar Named Desire.

What led to these door to door acts you might ask? Well... Claire was back in the minivan bitching about a dangerous intersection when she almost ran over Phil. See, Claire, this is what happens when you hypocritically gossip with your daughters! Granted, Phil was too into his jams to notice the oncoming car, but still.

Look Out, Lily!

Per usual, Claire got on everyone's nuts about not helping her petition and snapped in a fit of rage after an encounter with a lawn sprinkler. After a lot of confusion about the meaning of The Blind Side, the Dunphys stepped it up and came to Claire's rescue at the Town Hall meeting.

Despite the extra signatures and Luke and Phil's brilliant "Stop in the Name of Life" video, the true selling point was Phil swearing to the committee that Claire will not give up on her stop sign until she sees it. Quite frankly, it's true; Claire Dunphy never met a project she didn't see from start to finish.

Mitchell has a little more self control in this department, but only a very tiny bit. After berating Cam for making a mess and not cleaning it, yet again, Mitchell decided to let his hair down and ignore the mess himself. Obviously Mitchell went a little too far with his "messy is cool" approach because, oh hey, is that the adoption agent at the door?

Gloria continued her battle with Stella the bulldog only to end up accidentally letting her roam the neighborhood. Gloria and Cam set out to find Stella and along the way Cam found his way to the spotlight and got to create his own Stanley Kowalski/Marlon Brando moment. Dammit, Mitchell, you never make an angry phone call when Cam is having a theater moment!

By the way, when that little girl introduced herself as Blanche, I nearly peed myself. Cam was in total heaven.

The Jay and Manny storyline felt a little weak to me, despite that Manny got few good zingers in. It's nice to know that schools still do wrapping paper and cookie sales for fundraisers. I can't help but remember my own childhood days and how I never got the seller's prizes in Girl Scouts. What can I say? Maybe Manny and I just aren't salesman.

By the way, was anyone surprised/disappointed that Phil wears tighty whiteys? Hit the comments and don't forget to vote for your favorite quotes!

Door to Door Review

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