Psych Review: Lassie in Love

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The only things that “sucked” about this week’s Psych episode were the so-called vampires.

Overall, Shawn and Gus brought the references and Juliet took the lead, but Carlton and Marlowe really stole the show with their budding romance in "This Episode Sucks."

Kristy Swanson on Psych

I cannot stress how much I loved Tim Omundson here.

This is probably one of my favorite more emotionally-driven episodes for Carlton since the storyline regarding the finalization of his divorce in “Tuesday the 17th." I didn’t realize how long it had been since we enjoyed more personal Carlton moments. And, above all, Kristy Swanson could not have been a better pick to portray Marlowe alongside Tim’s Carlton. They just nailed it - especially at the end when Carlton revealed his handwritten note:

I will wait for you these six to eighteen months. That could not have been any more romantic. I cannot wait to have her back and out of jail!

I am beyond ready to ship this couple! Let's think of some good shipping names. I'm throwing out the first: Carlowe!

That said, anyone notice the apparent camaraderie between Carlton, Shawn, Gus and Woody this week regarding the possibility of a vampire attack? Definitely a maintenance in continuity developed from last week. Loved it!

Did you also notice how Juliet ended up being the one taking the on investigation once again? This is at least the second week in a row that's happened. Do I sense a pattern here? She has become an expert at mediating the craziness her boys get her into!

This is also the second week in a row we’ve seen Carlton on the other side of the law. It was almost like a role reversal: Carlton was the one using flashbacks to solve the mystery of Marlowe’s identity. With Shawn and Gus working alongside Juliet, it almost made them seem like the ones following procedure, while Carlton was the one going off the reservation. Might this be a hint that Carlton’s starting to internalize some of the tactics of his outgoing and often outrageous cohorts? Or was he really just that motivated due to the emotional stakes involved?

One thing I wonder is how this might affect Carlton’s perception of criminals in the future. Technically, this law man fell in love with a jailbird. Doesn’t it obligate him to reevaluate his prejudices? Knowing Carlton, probably not. And you know what... I might actually be okay with that.

Getting Their Vampire On

Other fun moments:

  • Shawn and Gus’s costume shout-outs to Lestat and Blackula.
  • Gus encountering blood and entering a vegetative state.
  • Shawn attempting to wake him, only to get the wind knocked out of him.
  • Marlowe recounting every move Carlton made after she left the bar.
  • The entire SBPD outside Carlton’s door when he was making out with Marlowe (Oh, Buzz!).
  • Henry corroborating Marlowe’s defense about the popularity of J-Wow’s clubbing nails.

So many hints at character developments opportunities have emerged - and it's only the third episode! What ddid you think of Carlton's new relationship? Are you ready to see more of Kristy Swanson?

This Episode Sucks Review

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