Revenge Promo: Accusations, Altercations, Revelations

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Is Frank on to Emily? How far will he go to prove his devotion to Victoria? And, seriously, how creepy and annoying is Tyler?!?

As usual, Revenge left viewers with a number of questions last night, many of which are focused on the Graysons' now-former head of security. What will be his next move? Based on the following preview for next Wednesday's "Charade," it looks like Frank is inching ever close to Amanda Clarke.

Prepare for what ABC is hyping as a "game-changing episode," fans. We can only imagine what that means considering all that goes down in the Hamptons on a weekly basis...

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Revenge Quotes

In my lifetime, I've come to understand that there are three ways for a person to disappear. The first is to die. The second is to lie. And the last is to be reborn. It was after my former husband's six months ago that my transformation began. I made my peace with those who have wronged me and with those who I've wronged. No one moreso than Emily Thorne.


[to Margaux] Someone once told me it's our decisions that define who we are. Well, you've got a decision to make.